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Blockage of the lacrimal canal - What is happening?

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Blockage of the lacrimal canal - What is happening?

Postby Laurine » Tue Jan 03, 2012

Blockage of the lacrimal canal - What is happening?

The tear ducts can be blocked completely or partially. As a result of the blockade of the tears back on lachrymal canal and excess tears may run down the face (epiphora). Blockage may also lead to infection in the tear duct due to the fact that bacteria and other microorganisms accumulate in the eye. If the tear duct opens independently, the infection can resolve without treatment.

In most cases, blocked tear ducts clinically apparent at birth (congenital) and pass on their own before the first birthday of the child. Some children need to conduct probing for the opening of the ducts. Probing is usually carried out when the child is 1 year. The results of this treatment are generally satisfactory and most of the kids repeat the procedure is not required.

Clogged tear duct by itself does not affect the vision of the child and increases the risk of vision problems.

In the process of the affected eye frequently develop infections. In rare cases, infection can spread to the eyelids and skin around the eyes (periorbital inflammation of subcutaneous fat). Sometimes it is possible to form dacryocystitis - pus-filled sac.

In adults, blocked tear canal often associated with infection, complications after trauma or surgery, as well as abnormal growth of connective tissue in the drainage system.

Treatment for blocked tear caused the channel depends on its cause.

Infectious process is usually treated with antibiotic therapy. Without treatment, the infection may resolve on their own. However, the swelling can be saved (without pain), and the tear duct can be re-infected later. If the infection does not disappear on their own and in the absence of treatment the area around the eyes may swell and become painful. In the affected eye may be formed "brown" because of the mucus.
Structural changes or abnormal growths can cause the tear duct blockage, to correct the problem in this case, surgical intervention is necessary.

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